128000 tourist visited Nepal in March

One lakh Twenty eight thousand tourists have visited Nepal in one month. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 128,167 tourists came to Nepal in March 2024.

The statistics show that the arrival of Chinese tourists is encouraging, as the number of Chinese people has started to increase and the arrival of Indians has remained the same. In March 2023, 99,426 tourists came. This year, tourist arrivals have increased by 28.9 percent compared to last year.

The tourist season in Nepal starts from February. Increases in March, April and May. Then the rainy season begins. After that, the arrival will be less.

According to the board, 30,698 people came from India in March. This is 18.5 percent more than the same period last year. Chinese arrivals have reached 12,092. This is 358 percent more than the same period last year. Last year, 2,635 Chinese tourists came.

America is in third place. 10,763 people have come from America. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 7,241 people came from Britain.

5 thousand 741 tourists came from Sri Lanka, 5 thousand 255 from Germany, 4 thousand 567 from Thailand, 3 thousand 240 from Australia and 3 thousand 31 from Myanmar.

This year, 97,426 tourists came in February and 79,100 tourists in January.

By Asian Hiking Team

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