Helping remote area Dalit Students

Helping remote area Dalit Students

Asian Hiking Team helping scholarship for Dalit students in remote area of Dhading district Baseri village development Committee, Shree Shivalaya secondary School. Mr. Sudip Nepali from class 5 and Miss Anju Nepali from class 4 have received the scholarship among the above 350 students.

Asian Hiking Team is a local trekking agency which comprises a young, energetic and knowledgeable management team, adviser and travel consultants with up to date travel organization services. This company is running by partnership business. Since open company, is also helping remote areas in the development of Education, Health and Environment awareness. Two percentages of the profits from Asian Hiking Team go into the welfare fund for this purpose.

Director meeting on Wednesday 24th June 2015, decided welfare fund provide scholarship for two Dalit students in Shivalaya secondary School, Baseri -8, Dhading. Last year, AHT help in environment awareness programs.

Team Leader of AHT said that scholarship programs encourage the Dalit Student to study. Every year, Dalit student leave school coz they have not possible buy the dress, pen and copy, book etc. And also the parent have not income source so there are pressing to help them such as look their younger sister or bothers or take-care of cows and goats on day time.

I want to stop who leave school and Dalit student get highest mark, said Leader Suman. AHT the scholarship programs is keep continues others year because its help competition of student to get high mark to received scholarship. 

Why Asian Hiking Team choice Dalit student? According to Hinduism Dalit means lower cast people who have no land, miner work people, less education. But now in Nepal no more cast system but still its effect in remote area of Nepal. Scholarship programs are running from the sole percent of company profit so it not enough to help many of then. So if anyone wants to help scholarship, environment, and health programs can donation in Asian Hiking Team welfare fund. “Safe US$ 1 per day, one child can go school” !