Nepal Flora and Fauna Tour

Nepal Flora and Fauna Tour

The Chitwan valley consists of tropical and subtropical forests. Sal forests cover 70 percent of the park. Sal leaves are used locally for making plates for festivals and religious offerings. Grasslands cover 20 percent of the park. There are more than 50 different types of grasses, including the elephant grass (Saccharum SPP), renowned for its immense height. It can grow up to 8 m in height. The park is home to more than 50 mammal species, over 525 birds, and 55 amphibians and reptiles. The endangered fauna found in the park are: One-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger, wild elephant, four-horned antelope, and pangolin among the mammals; golden monitor lizard, crocodiles, and python among the amphibians; and Bengal Florian. Lesser Florian, giant horn bill, black stork, white stork among the birds.

Asian Hiking Team makes a package trip for you as a desired time frame that includes everything from your sleeping arrangements to meals to days’ full of activity, as well as we display up to your awareness.


Day by day itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Chitwan, Transfer to Hotel, Reception, Welcome drinks, Lunch, and Tharu Village visit, Museum and sun set tour, Dinner, (L/D).

Day 02: Wake-up call, breakfast, full day Jungle walk pack lunch back to hotel Dinner, Tharu Cultural Show, (B/L/D).

Day 03: Wake-up Call, Breakfast, full day examination of the animals by elephant back safari, today also have pack lunch, (B/L/D).

Day 04: Wake-up Call, visit bird watching tour, breakfast and departure to Kathmandu/Lumbini/Pokhara, (B).