Nepal is safe for travel: British Ambassador to Nepal

British Ambassador to Nepal John Rankin along with Gail Marzetti, head of Department for International Development (DFID) Nepal took part in the social media campaign that encourages tourists to visit Nepal post earthquake disaster. Rankin and Marzetti posed themselves holding a placard reading I AM IN Nepal NOW’ at Dhampus while trekking along the Annapurna region on Saturday.

British Ambassador John Rankin posting a video message from Dhampus said that some areas are still unsafe after the earthquake that hit the country on April 25, but most of the country is now open for people to come and visit. It is very important for the economic recovery of this country that tourism should revive. So stay safe and come and enjoy Nepal, he said. The Ambassador also pointed out that the UK citizens should follow the British FCO's travel advice.

Marzetti, in a video message, said, I am, trekking in Nepal. It's not been a great morning, there's a very misty cloud covering the great Annapurna range, but in September it will be different and it will be fantastic. Do come to Nepal for two reasons-- one is to have the holiday of a lifetime. And the second is to support the Nepali recovery after the earthquake. In her statement, Marzetti further mentioned that UKaid have been supporting the people with their home stays, their businesses and their jobs out in the remote areas.

The Gorkha earthquake and subsequent aftershocks posed a major setback in country’s tourism sector as some of the major touristic destinations suffered damages. The government projected losing 40 percent of tourists this year due to the mass departure of the visitors after the earthquake and cancellation of Nepal’s trip booking for the upcoming seasons that is estimated to be more than 70 percent.

In an attempt to encourage tourists in safer destinations inside the country, a social media campaign was launched by a Nepali group about a month ago. And since the launch of the campaign hundreds of tourists have shared the placards saying I am in Nepal Now and I am going to Nepal. Soon after the April 25 earthquake, almost all countries had issued travel advisory, advising their citizens not to visit Nepal in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.
Three countries-the US, the UK and New Zealand-have lifted restrictions on their citizens travelling to Nepal, except for districts hit hard by the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.