Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing is the activity of using one's hand and feet to ascend a steep object. It is done both for recreation and professionally, as part of activities such as maintenance of a structure, or military operations. But here peak climbing in Nepal is the most famous adventure activities which also include the pleasure of trekking through the different grades of elevation, forests and villages.

33 Peaks are run for climbing through the Nepal Mountaineering Association. All peaks which issue permits from Nepal Mountaineering Association are called trekking peaks. There are divided Group “A” and Group “B”. In Group “A” has 15 trekking peaks and in group “B” has 18 trekking peaks. But the Nepal government changed the rules that less than 6000 m peaks are free for climbing so that now a day NMA issue permits 27 peaks. Except those peaks we have more than 423 peaks are open for climbing and expeditions for the adventure seeker. 

Any person or mountaineering team desirous of climbing the trekking peak must receive permission from Nepal Mountaineering Association through the government registered trekking agency. Permission to climb the peaks will be granted for a period of one month only. Permission may be extended, if necessary, for another period of two weeks. The period of permission granted relates to time spent for climbing above the base camp. The trek to/from the base camp is not included. Application for climbing permit may be made at any time by the concerned mountaineering team. Permit will be granted on a first come, first served basis. The right to give permission to another party for climbing the same peak during the same period is reserved by Nepal Mountaineering Association.

The accommodation will primarily be camping in peak climbing but possibility to do trekking Tea house / lodge/Hotel in the modern trekking area until base camp. On the project phase of the trip will camp with a large group with all the staff. The Asian Hiking Team provides sleep mainly in large north face tense, (Dom tent) 2 people, are large enough to stand up in and have a covered porch area at the front. For our communal cooking area, we may have a large mess/kitchen tent or perhaps a small local building. The tents are large enough to live in comfortably as long as you are fairly organized with your belongings and work as a team with your tent-mates. The toilet will be shared facilities, which will almost certainly be squat-type toilets. We eat in the mess tent at a plastic table with stools or chairs to sit on. Our staff are masters at cooking large volumes of tasty food in even the most basic of environments. However, we may ask you to help with the processes of preparing and clearing up the meals in the camp. Again, this can be a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand experience of another essential part of any culture. You will also learn skills and principles that are transferable to cooking any food anywhere, any time. Food safety is always a big concern, and we take it very seriously.

Climbing Sherpa / Guides have many years of climbing experience all over Nepalese mountains.  Most of them have been spending years climbing the peak all over the country and abroad. Asian Hiking Team guides are trained in basic, advanced mountaineering training, first aid and know how to handle any serious situation. All our guides speak English and are happy to share their deep knowledge of rock, ice climbing with you. Asian Hiking Team needs to provide guides who can get people to feel involved in what they are experiencing, explain it thoroughly and keep them entertained. They know very well how to facilitate running smooth and safe trip, appreciating the beauty of the Himalayas. All our highland staff have well experienced equipment with insurance for any mishap.  Their first-hand experience, local knowledge, expertise and humor on climbs are invaluable.

The Asian Hiking Team is a fully organized company ever ready to provide all sorts of support related to trekking peak climbing from customizing the itineraries and obtaining all governmental permissions to providing support staff including high altitude climbing assistants, porters and other necessary arrangements. We are committed to provide quality services for our customers and hence work hard to make your trek and climbing a rewarding and hassle-free experience. Well, you are in Nepal to enjoy trekking and climbing, 

Asian Hiking Team makes it sure that you experience the best of Nepal in the safest way. Hence, whether you are just a beginner climber or a veteran mountain lover, you will surely find a peak that caters to your satisfaction. Here, Asian Hiking Team description details the itinerary of a few trekking peaks, but let us know that we organize all government open peaks as client's interest and time frame. 

  • Island Peak Climbing 2024

    Island Peak Climbing 2024

    Island Peak also known as Imja Tse is one of the most popular trekking peaks in Nepal located at Khumbu valley for climbing ...

    US$ 1899 18 days 6165m Mountaineering

  • Lobuje Peak Climbing 2024

    Lobuje Peak Climbing 2024

    Lobuje Peak lies close to Khumbu Glacier, offers an attractive climbing summit. Lobuje peak climbing is a popular and ...

    US$ 1899 18 days 6119m Mountaineering

  • Mera Peak Climbing

    Mera Peak Climbing

    Mera peak (6470 meter) is one of the famous “Trekking peak” in Nepal. It is perhaps best known because it is Nepal’s ...

    US$ 1899 16 days (13 days trek) 6470m Mountaineering

  • Singu Chuli Climbing

    Singu Chuli Climbing

    Formerly known as the Fluted Peak, the first ascent of the Singu-Chuli Peak was made by Wilf Noyce and David Cox on ...

    US$ 2460 18 days 6501m Mountaineering

  • Chulu East Peak Climbing

    Chulu East Peak Climbing

    Chulu East (6,584 m.) is situated high above the Manang valley with breathtaking views across to the Annapurna II, III ...

    US$ 3099 21 days 6584m Mountaineering

  • Pisang Peak Climbing 2025

    Pisang Peak Climbing 2025

    Pisang Peak located in Annapurna region offers good scope for exploration. The western flank of the mountain is guarded ...

    US$ 1599 17 days 6091m Mountaineering

  • Naya Khanga Climbing

    Naya Khanga Climbing

    Ganja-La Chuli Peak is formerly known as Naya Kanga (5,844 m), rises to the west of Ganja La, and is a popular but difficult ...

    US$ 1190 11 days 5844m Mountaineering

  • Yala Peak Climbing

    Yala Peak Climbing

    Yala Peak is one of Nepal’s easier trekking peaks, a fantastic beginner mountaineering trip. Yala peak climbing is ...

    US$ 999 10 Days 5500m Mountaineering I

  • Cholatse peak Climbing

    Cholatse peak Climbing

    Cholatse (also known as Jobo Lhaptshan) is a mountain in the Khumbu region of the Nepalese Himalaya. Cholatse is connected ...

    US$ 2999 21 days 6501m Mountraneering

  • Bokta Peak climbing

    Bokta Peak climbing

    Bokta peak is situated at Kanchenjunga Himalayan range in Kanchenjunga area at Taplejung District, Nepal, Located in ...

    On Request 26 days 6143m Mountaineering

  • Machermo peak climbing

    Machermo peak climbing

    Machhermo peak is situated at Mahalangur region, and This is one of the most interesting peak climbing among the trekking ...

    On Request 16 days 5559m Mountaineering

  • Langshisha Ri Peak Climbing 2024

    Langshisha Ri Peak Climbing 2024

    It is situated in the very popular Langtang Region and is a technically challenging peak. The peak is for those who ...

    On Request 17 days 6501m Mountaineering

  • Larkya Peak Climbing

    Larkya Peak Climbing

    Larkya Peak 6249 m is in the Manaslu region which is the least common to western tourist. The route to the majestic ...

    On Request 20 days 6249m Mountaineering

  • Kusum Kanguru climbing

    Kusum Kanguru climbing

    Kusum Kanguru, 6,369 meters, dominating the southern end of Charpati Himal separates the valley of the Dudh Koshi from ...

    On request 18 days 6369m Mountaineering

  • Kwondge peak climbing 2024

    Kwondge peak climbing 2024

    Kwangde peak climbing also known as Kangde Ri and Kwangde, Kwangdi Ri is a difficult mountain to climb and stands at ...

    On request 17 days 6011m Mountaineering

  • Pharchamo Peak climbing 2026

    Pharchamo Peak climbing 2026

    First climbed in 1955, Pharchamo Peak is an attractive snow peak lying south of Tashi Lapcha. It has a north-by-northwest ...

    On request 16 Days 6187m Mountaineering

  • Chulu West Climbing

    Chulu West Climbing

    Chulu West of the two Chulus (East and West), Chulu West is the higher peak. It was first ascended in 1952 by a Japanese ...

    US$ 1590 18 days 6419m Mountaineering

  • Island Peak Climbing 2 nights 3 days

    Island Peak Climbing 2 nights 3 days

    Island peak derives its name, as the mountain looks like a sea of ice from along with one of the most enjoyable climbing ...

    Start US$ 499 2 nights 3 days 6160m Mountaineering

  • Lobuje Peak climbing 2 nights 3 days

    Lobuje Peak climbing 2 nights 3 days

    Asia Hiking Team is only one trekking agency who operate the Lobuje Peak climbing from Lobuje/Lobuche. The other trekking ...

    US$ 590 3 days 6119m Mountaineering

  • Mera Peak Climbing Khare to Khare

    Mera Peak Climbing Khare to Khare

    Mera peak at 6,470 meters’ is classified as a trekking peak in Nepal. First scaled by Col. Jimmy Roberts and Sen Tenzing ...

    US$ 486 3 days 6470m Mountaineering

  • Tent Peak Climbing 2024

    Tent Peak Climbing 2024

    Tent Peak also known as Tharpu Chuli. Tent Peak (5663 m) is one of the trekking peaks in the Nepali. The peak has been ...

    US$ 1280 15 days 5663m peak climbing

  • Kyazo Ri peak Climbing 2024

    Kyazo Ri peak Climbing 2024

    Kyazo Ri Peak Climbing is a fascinating and attractive peak climbing in the Khumbu, the Everest region of Nepal. Kyazori ...

    US$ 2699 15 days 6186m Mountaineering

  • Himchuli Peak Climbing 2024

    Himchuli Peak Climbing 2024

    Himchuli peak 6,441 m is located in the western part of Nepal Annapurna region connected to Annapurna South forming ...

    On Request 20 days 6441m Mountaineering

  • Mt Abi Peak climbing

    Mt Abi Peak climbing

    Abi Peak (6097 m.) is situated in the Khumbu region located in the Mahalangur Himalayan range of Nepal. Abi peak climbing ...

    On request 16 days 6097m Mountaineering

  • Nirekha Peak climbing

    Nirekha Peak climbing

    Nirekha peak 6159 m is in the same chain as the Lobuje summits, east of the Cho La Col. Nirekha Peak is comparatively ...

    On Request 18 days 6159m Mountaineering

  • Nepal Mera Peak Climbing

    Nepal Mera Peak Climbing

    Mera peak is the highest of the trekking peaks in Nepal. The 6470m high altitude do make up for the less technical skills ...

    US$1980 20 days 6470m Mountaineering

  • Chulu Far East Climbing

    Chulu Far East Climbing

    Chulu Peaks is situated high above the Manang valley west-north from Kathmandu with breathtaking views across to the ...

    US$ 1999 18 days 6429m Strenuous plus

  • Ramdung Peak Climbing 2024

    Ramdung Peak Climbing 2024

    Ramdung (5900m) is situated in the remote upper Rolwaling Valley, outstanding south of the village of Na. It is often ...

    On request 19 days 5900m Mountaineering