Rural Trekking of Nepal

Rural Trekking of Nepal

The landscapes of rural villages can be breathtaking, and one of the best ways to appreciate their diversity and beauty is on foot. However, unlike other parts of modern trekking, it is sometimes hard to determine exactly where it is safe, enjoy and totally different culture, lifestyle on the trek. There are few designated footpaths, as well as those in the national and natural parks, and it can be disconcerting to find yourself suddenly in a field and surrounded by bulls or wandering through an area which has apparently been designated for cultural purposes. The attraction of travel in rural Nepal is in the raw landscapes and challenge of adventure. Half of all people in rural areas of Nepal, who move from one remote pastureland to another low land taro, living with their families in traditional round felt tents called her. People tend to move their herds closer to sums, so they can have easier access to health and education services and basic supplies.

The Asian Hiking Team will provide you with a guide to a local walk or recommend a local publication detailing nearby trails. However, most tourist office leaflets look exciting, but lack enough detail to follow a trail confidently. The same applies to roadside sign boards and maps. Of equal use could be a chat with a local bar, restaurant or hotel owner. In rural trekking we need to carry all the supplies from Kathmandu, so we will have our own tent, cook, kitchen boy, Sherpa and porters.

The Asian Hiking Team has one group of workers and making trekking is pleasure, enjoy, will manage all the equipment, documents, staff in Nepal there are so many remote places, but some are better for trekkers who are looking at those cultures and the Mountain View.

  • Ganesh Himal Culture Trekking

    Ganesh Himal Culture Trekking

    Ganesh Himal trekking is famous for unspoiled Tamang culture, spectacular views of mountains and colorful rhododendron ...

    690 US$ 11 days 4600m Moderate

  • Tamang Heritage Trekking

    Tamang Heritage Trekking

    Tamang, are inhabitant dwellers of the highland northern Himalayas of Nepal. They are one of the top Tibet-Burman speaking ...

    US$ 360 8 days 2707m Easy

  • Ruby Valley Trekking in Nepal

    Ruby Valley Trekking in Nepal

    The Ganesh Himal area is easily accessed by the Prithvi Highway and Pasang Lhamu Highway along the southern fringes, ...

    On request 7/17 days 3600m Moderate

  • Panch Pokhari Trekking

    Panch Pokhari Trekking

    Pancha Pokhari is a holy sacred lake for Buddhist and Hindu. Trekking in Panch Pokhari is just northeast of Kathmandu ...

    On Request 12 days 4100 Moderate

  • Bhairabkunda Trekking

    Bhairabkunda Trekking

    Bhairab Kunda trekking is a newly-opened trek in Nepal. Bhairab Kunda is named after a holy lake, Bhairab and lies to ...

    On Request 10 days 4250m Easy Plus