The horrible day in my life

The horrible day in my life

On Saturday 25th April 2015 (12th Baishakh 2072 BS); approximately 11.20am, I went to Airport to pick up my clients Yao Ming and his friends.They hHave flight at 11.30am by MH 170 and one’s friend have different flight at 12 PM. I was waiting outside with his name and company’s board. At 11.56am the earthquake hit, everyone around the airport run into parking ground. I have tryed to stay myself but not possible so took support by solar electricity pillar. I have not remained anything, just loudly crying, I did not know what I did. It was stop, first few minutes. Everyone was trying to call home but network was not available. I walked around and try to call in office and home but not connection. Few minutes after it’s comes again again….. I was something like mat and strolled around it and specking myself.

Bye the way, I saw Yao Ming and his friends, “Catching hand each other and stay on ground”. It was difficult to recognized first time saw but I have word came, hello Yao Ming? He also knows me. They have not bags with them. They left bag inside the airport. Many of tourists have no visa, no bags, and no passport. Many was lefts their shoes. I was worry about my family, office staffs, friends, and others. I have continues try to calling home and office but not possible. It was came dust and noise on the Kathmandu Valley.

Yao Ming and his friends also asked me how were your family and staffs??? I have no answer no connection. I have decided back to home. Left them in airport and told them to wait your others friends and also told to my diver pick up another group Wan Alina and her friends. There have flight on same day at 2 pm by D7 192.

I took taxi try to return Thamel but took one hour because of disturb the road and traffic. No way to entry Thamel so walked to north part of the Thamel opposite of Hotel Mall. Everyone came on the road and crying, weeping……… I have try to entry into Thamel but many Ambulance blogs road. Now, I was totally sure that our office building was gone. I choice anther way and came near the office. Our office building was not fell down but near our office “Hotel Budget” 7 floors building was totally disaster. Nepal army, local peoples was trying to rescues.

I took motor bike (which fall down too), went to home. My wife and baby was stay on the road and weeping. Ohhoo, my God!!! There are safe. I said them take care, I returned to Thamel found staffs. Nearby Thamel, I met two guys is the brother of my staffs and porters. He said his brother was safe and but some porters who left office two minutes before earthquake was not in contact.

Earthquake was continues however, I decided to return Airport to manage our clients came by two different flights. First time in Nepal, they don’t know anything more. All flight was canceled. I have not connection with Wan Alina ‘s flight, its cancel or not? Airport was closed, the staff of airport said not sure when open but your bags safe. You collect tomorrow. I have press to my clients to go to Hotel. We came to hotel but everyone is scaring to stay inside. The hotel building was not broken. I left them in Hotel and went to search of missing staffs. No-one has any data, no phone connection, what I do. I decided to visit hospital to found them. I visited many hospital and health camp until 23.35 but not possible. Finally, returned to nearby my place. My family was waiting me, in open ground. They was stay on the ground without any tent, clothes, food and water. Not feel hungry and thirsty even my 4 years old daughter, some time she told me Baba, “when we go home” because of many of them was missing their family members, home, friends and more… Everyone (specially the ladies) were weeping, crying and earthquake came continues. I have not contacting with any trekking groups. The news said that Langtang, Manaslu and Tibet boarder was totally disaster. We have trekking groups in those areas. Whole night did not come sleep because my heart already broken by quake.

By Suman
Team Leader
Asian Hiking Team

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