What documents need to bring?


Obtaining an entry visa for Nepal can be done upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu; you might find it more convenient to obtain this visa in your own country prior to your travel in order to avoid long visa application queues upon arrival. If, however, you elect to obtain your visa at Tribhuvan airport, you can reduce the time in the immigration lines if you follow these steps:

Step 01. Fill in the visa application form before you arrive, so you may go straight to the head of the line. Forms are usually provided to you by your airline's cabin crew before landing in Nepal. Visa application forms are also available in the Airport's arrival hall, or you can fill online, follow the link – Nepal Visa form.

Step 02. Carry with you U.S. dollars or any foreigner currency in cash for a tourist visa. Currently, the price is 15 Days – 30 USD, 30 Days – 50 USD, 90 Days – 125 USD.

Step 03. You will need 1 passport photo for the visa application. (It is generally a good idea to have several on hand in case you wish to visit neighboring countries). For more information, click here - Nepal Visa

If you have any questions whatsoever about obtaining your visa(s), please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or alternatively go direct to Nepal Immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu

Recommended Clothes:

Most items can be purchased/rent in Kathmandu as a reasonable price.

01. Boots (TK/TR) - A pair of sturdy hiking boots which have been broken-in. Bring an extra set of laces.

02. Jacket (TK/TR) - A good quality (such as Gortex), waterproof jacket is essential. Plus (for those trekking in the cold regions) a very warm, lightweight (such as down) jacket.

03. Trousers (TK/TR) - Water-resistant hiking pants (for TK), North Face and Patagonia are good brands, avoid jeans, pants with zip-off legs can come in handy.

04. Socks (TK/TR) - 2 pairs of good hiking socks. Wick-N-Dry or Thorlo Hiking socks are a good choice. They are nicely padded, dry quickly, and hug your feet to reduce blisters. Plus, 1 pair of lightweight or liner socks. They add warmth when it's cool and cool you when it's hot.

05. Underpants/panties, Bra (TK/TR) - 2–3 pairs.

06. Thermal underwear (TK) - Warm, lightweight long underwear.

07. Hat (TK/TR) - Fold-away brim hat.

08. T-Shorts (TK/TR) - 1/2 pair of t-shorts (for TK), walking shorts. Loose and comfortable, preferably nylon, which (for men) double as a swimsuit. (Avoid shorts which are too revealing.) T-shirts (TK/TR).

09. Over-shirt (TK/TR) - 1 long-sleeved over-shirt, light to medium weight and breathable, to protect you from the sun and bug bites. Hemp, linen or cotton is recommended.

10. Belt (TK/TR) - 1 belt, cotton or nylon lashing strap doubles as a gear strap.

11. Gloves: Polypropylene or fleece. Leather palms handle the fixed line better.

12. Sport sandals (TK/TR) - Sandals (such as Teva's) are lightweight and tough, doubles as shower slippers.

13. Skirt (optional) - 1 lightweight mid - to full-length skirt.

14. Sleeping Bag (TK) - 3 or 4 season rated bag (depending on which trek you select - 20).

15. Backpack (TK/TR) - Sturdy, comfortable, medium to small size one.

16. Day pack (TR/TK) - some backpacks come with a small detachable one.

17. Fanny pack/belt pack (TK/TR) - To hold your daily spending money, traveler's checks, lip balm, etc.

18. Money belt/neck belt - Jansport and Eagle Creek make some sturdy ones.

19. First aid pouch (optional) - our guides will have a first aid kit, but if you prefer certain remedies, you should bring some with you, such as: 2 oral re-hydration packets, anti-malarial, topical antiseptic, birth control, motion sickness pills, electronic thermometer, antibiotics (consult your doctor), aspirin, Tiger Balm (great for bites and stings), iodine tablets, Monist at, scissors etc.

20. Torch/ Head Torch/ torch (TK/TR) - The Mini Mag-Lite is a good choice. Bring spare batteries.

21. Sunglasses (TK/TR)

22. Towel (TK) - A lightweight backpack towel or thin, porous dish towel will do the trick.

23. Toiletries pouch (TK/TR) - Toothpaste and brush, floss, mini hairbrush, razor, soap, mini bottle of shampoo, travel mirror, nail clippers (And only the absolute essential makeup--if any.). 

24. Sun block (TK/TR) -1 small tube, and lip balm.

25. Book (TK/TR - option) - 1 paperback book (Trade yours in after you're done reading it).

26. Monies (TK/TR) - Cash, traveler's checks, credit cards, ATM card, phone cards.

27. Documents (TK/TR) - (Passport, visas, Insurance and tickets.) Stash them in your money belt.

28. Copies of your documents (TK/TR) - 3 photo copies of everything. You only pack one copy; keep one with someone at home, and the other with your travel partner.

Note: TR - Tour and TK - Trekking.